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So, I Was Rafting Down the Truckee River…

I spent the past week at my family cabin in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe. The kids and I spent the first half of the week with my two sisters and my niece, and the second half of the week with a friend and her two kids.

One activity I haven’t done in many years is go “rafting” down the Truckee river. I use the term rafting loosely because it’s less like rafting and more like a slow float down a river with 50 of your drunken friends. I went once with my sisters early in the week, and then again with my friend and her two kids at the end of the week.

We arrived at the Truckee River Rafting check-in in Tahoe City at 2:15pm with a carload of people ready to raft the might Truckee River. We pulled into the parking lot and greeted the parking attendant who looked at me and said, “Weren’t you just here the other day,” to which I answered, “Yes, and I brought a new group with me this time.”

I sat there perplexed wondering why the guy remembered me. Was I obnoxious last time? Did I have toilet paper stuck to my shoe? Why would the guy remember me out of the hundreds of people that come through that parking lot every day?

We parked the car, grabbed some life vests and piled into the boat to drift down the river.

About halfway through the float a group of 20-something rafters came up alongside our boat and started a conversation. One of the drunken shirtless men in the boat looked at me and asked, “Are you Annika Sorenstam?”

For those of you who don’t know, Annika Sorenstam is a very well-known professional golfer. I knew who she was, but I had no idea how much I actually look like her.

Is this uncanny or what!?

I wore that Titleist hat on both rafting trips. I wore no makeup, which made me look even more like Annika.

When I told my sister Tracy, a big golf fan, what happened, she said, “They obviously aren’t big golf fans, because if they were they’d know that Annika is sponsored by Callaway not Titleist.”

So, now I know why the guys at the rafting drop off remembered me. They thought I was Annika Sorenstam!

Note: Annika actually has a place in Tahoe. I am also now the proud owner of a Callaway visor thanks to my friend Janet.

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The Perfect Gift for a Girl Going off to College… snicker snicker

Best Buy would like you to believe that giving a Best Buy gift card is the perfect gift to give a recent high school grad who is going off to college. I actually think most people, including parents, give gift cards because they’re easy and very much appreciated by a teenager who is venturing off on their own for the first time.

I was recently (as in this week) faced with the decision of what to get my two “nannies,” who are both leaving for college this week. What to get two girls whom I have relied on for the past two years to be here with my kids when I can’t.

My ex got them a Target gift card, because he is very practical that way. I, however, wanted to be a bit more creative. A gift card just wasn’t going to do it.

I had an idea rolling around in my head. I was thinking back to my college days and thinking about the times when we would go to parties at the beach (San Diego State), drink a little too much (hypothetical situation of course),and not make it back to our apartment until the morning after. There was always that moment of realization that we weren’t going to make it home, and we were going to wake up with dinosaur breath and mascara smeared below our eyes.

So, I created the “Morning After Kit” for my two nannies. I bought each girl the following:

** A cute little purse. Two important things about the purse: 1) It has to be small enough to fit under the seat in your car, 2) It has to be able to pass as a purse for any season and any style (jeans to cocktail dress), because you don’t know when you’re going to have to use it!

Then I filled the purse with the following must-have items for any woman who finds herself in a situation where she’s not going to make it home that night. ;^)

** A beige thong. Everyone needs a pair of clean undies in the morning. Why beige? Because you may have been wearing a black dress or white pants, and beige won’t show through either.

** Two condoms. (Do I really need to explain?)

** Two tampons. Just trying to cover for Murphy’s Law.

** A travel toothbrush and toothpaste.

** Mouthwash (in case there’s no water source).

** Mint gum. Same reason as the mouthwash.

** Two individually wrapped Handi-wipes. Great for removing makeup and taking a Pommy bath in the morning.

** A fold-up hairbrush with a mirror in the handle.

** A hair tie, because you know you will have bed head in the morning.

** Mascara. (it’s the one thing that makes you look more awake in the morning even if you’ve had no sleep).

** A $10 Starbucks gift card. You know you’re going to need some caffeine!

Both girls LOVED the gift, and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. I put it together in less than 30-minutes from start to finish, including the trip to the store. It’s a bag every woman should have in her car!

What would you put in your emergency overnight bag? What would you put in a “Morning After Kit” for a guy?


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Don’t Drink the Kool Aid, a Photo

Andy Batt just posted some of the “extra special” shots from the Best Buy shoot. This is my favorite. I call it Don’t Drink the Kool Aid. Note: these are for his personal portfolio and have nothing to do with Best Buy.

That will teach you to come to one of my parties! Ha!

You can see the rest of the photos on Andy’s website. Just scroll down to the bottom where it says “Modern Fairy Tale?”

This is what my left foot was doing this morning. Shooting for the
Not Dead Yet movie poster.

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My Anthropologie Pajama Pants are The Devil!

Anthrolpologie: an over-priced women’s clothing store with really cute clothes.

My Anthropologie pajama pants are the devil. It’s true. Here’s a picture of said pants off the Anthropologie website.

Picture those in baby blue and white striped seersucker. Them’s my pajama pants.

How could such an innocent pair of pajama pants be the devil, you ask? Well, they’ve nearly killed me on more than one occasion!

The first time: I was walking across my bedroom and my big toe caught in the big bell of the leg. You know that feeling when you have that forward momentum going and then one foot gets caught in something? Yeah, that’s it. My feet stayed planted and the rest of my body continued.

My toe released from the pant leg just in time to send my calf scraping along the sharp edge of my nightstand. I had a very deep bruise about a mile long (okay, it was probably just the length of my calf) for a month, and it was sore for four months. Go rent the movie Feast of Love if you want to see it. I was wearing a dress in the garden party scene and I’m sure you can see the bruise.

The second time: I was carrying my laptop up the stairs, with mouse, cables and coffee balanced precariously on the keyboard (I know, dumb move). The familiar step, then the next step, then, oops. WTF? Laptop went flying to the ground, but I saved the coffee!

There were many other occasions where the pants played tricks on me, and in fact just yesterday I was carrying a cup of coffee up the stairs when I found myself flying forward with coffee pitching onto my lovely beige carpet.

So, I have to wonder about the cost of wearing these pants.

Fact: They cost $80 (I told you it was an overpriced store)

Fact: They were given to me by an ex boyfriend (do you think he knew they were the devil?)

Fact: I need to hire a carpet cleaner for $150 (I’ve spilled coffee in multiple places because of those pants)

Should I retire the pajama pants? What do you think?


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Bits, Pieces and Observations (with pictures)

The Cinderella Starbucks

When I go for a long run on the waterfront I start and end at Willamette Park, and hit the Macadam Starbucks before I head home. But yesterday my running buddy Debbi and I decided to hit a different Starbucks that was on the way home. We drove to a Starbucks in Mountain Park for our after-a-brutal-run latte.

I walked in the front door and made a beeline for the goodie case, because I wanted a breakfast sandwich. I didn’t see any, so I whined to the gal behind the register, “No breakfast sandwiches?” “Nope,” she said. “We’re the Cinderella Starbucks. We have no oven.”

Oh man, no breakfast sandwiches. Okay, my second choice is always a Panino Dolce. “I’ll have the Panino, heated with two butters then.”

“Sorry,” she said. “No oven. We’re still waiting for Prince Charming to bring us an oven.”

“Butter?” I asked.

“Don’t know if we have butter either. Let me ask.”

Nope, no butter either!

“Fine. I’ll have a double tall one pump vanilla latte whole milk please.” Sigh.

The Awesome Starbucks

My son Ashton was attending a 3–week intensive film school in Seattle recently, and this was his first time ever being away from home on his own for any length of time. He went to the same Starbucks every morning to get his latte and his breakfast (a highly nutritious donut of some kind I’m sure). On one of the last days of class he walked into the Starbucks, ordered his usual, and then realized he had forgotten his wallet. To his surprise all of the baristas chipped in their own money to buy him his latte and donut. Is that cool or what?!

The Pumpkin Outfit

I had the best stylist ever on the Best Buy shoot. But even the best stylist couldn’t make me look good in this outfit. I call it the Pumpkin Outfit. It was very poofy! The belt was up around my rib cage, not around my waist.

By Friday I Was so Done

Friday was Day-6 of the Best Buy shoot. We shot in two different studios that day. The morning was shots of us on a seamless, which is this big white roll of paper:

The afternoon was spent in a studio shooting video on a green screen. This is me on lunch break:

My makeup bag for the week. Brushes, mascara, etc.

The Last Shot

I mentioned in previous blogs that photographer Andy Batt was doing some staged shots all week for his portfolio. The last staged shot we did on Friday was of the “family” wearing wrestling masks. Here we are getting ready to put each other into headlocks.

Comedy Sportz World Championships

Never heard of Comedy Sportz? Heard of the show “Whose Line is it Anyway?” Comedy Sportz is a franchise of improv comedy venues around the globe. The Comedy Sportz World Championships were held in Portland this week, and I got to see some of the competition. I also got to see a lot of friends I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Funniest moments:

* Manchester doing regional American accents

* Portland doing regional British accents

* The Randy Newman game that Provo played

The lobby of the Gerding Theater:

Portland Vs. Chicago. Andrew Berkowitz (Portland) and Rance Risutto (ex Portland, now Chicago) face off as captains.

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