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Scene in Portland Column: CW Series Life UneXpected Shooting in Portland

Scene_in_PortlandJust posted my weekly Scene in Portland column on The Portlander. And because you subscribe to this blog you don’t have to click through to see it. This is the column in its entirety.

Original column is here:

Scene in Portland

CW Series Life UneXpected Shooting in Portland

The upcoming CW series Life UneXpected will be shooting scenes in Portland over the next few days. The series, which is set in Portland, is actually shot in Vancouver, B.C., so imagine my surprise when I heard through the grapevine that they were actually here in Portland. Series creator Liz Tigleaar posted a Tweet on Thursday morning that said “LUX 104 starts shooting today!!!” I confirmed with Tigleaar that they are indeed here in Portland.

Life UneXpected centers around 15-year old Lux (Britt Robertson, Swingtown), who was abandoned at birth and has spent her entire life bouncing through the foster care system in Portland, and has now decided to seek emancipation from the biological parents she doesn’t even know. The pilot sets up the hook of the series by reconnecting Lux with her birth parents Nate “Baze” Bazile (Kristoffer PolahaMad Men) and Cate (Shiri Appleby, Roswell), who are no longer together but agree to make amends when a judge decides Lux is not ready for emancipation.

Life UneXpected is produced by Mojo Films in association with CBS Television Studios and Warner Bros. Television with executive producers Liz Tigelaar (Brothers and Sisters, What About Brian) and Gary Fleder (October Road). The series premiere does not yet have confirmed date.

Let’s hope Life UneXpected loves Portland so much while they’re shooting in town this week that they actually shoot the next season here!

Comedy Trailer for Rid of Me

As promised, James Westby has released a second trailer showing the lighter side of his upcoming film, Rid of Me. While the first trailer portrayed the movie as a dark comedy, this new trailer will have you either laughing out loud or totally disgusted and reaching for a barf bag (just watch the trailer already). You can see the trailer here: Rid of Me Trailer.

Casting Couch

Casting this week for The Oregonian and Hasbro/Cartoon Network. Casting just completed for Pro Flowers and Chel White’s ultra low budget SAG feature Bucksville, which begins shooting October 23.

Last Week’s Column Goes Global

When I published the Twilight story last week I thought it might ruffle some feathers, but I had no idea how many. The column was quoted as far away as Brazil! And the Leverage ConCon peeps were equally appreciative, retweeting that column all over Twitter.

Kelly Jo Horton lives the life of a software and database geek by day, and the creative life of an actress, writer and improv comedienne at ComedySportz by night. She is the former writer, host and co-producer of TVC-TV’s political talk show “To the Point!” She holds a degree in journalism from San Diego State University.

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The Dating Ninja does Ignite Portland 7

In June of 2009, my friend Andrew sent me an email and said, “Hey I got accepted to Ignite Portland!” I had never heard of Ignite Portland, but it sounded interesting.

bagdad_homepicThe premise, if you had five minutes onstage what would you say? And what if you had five minutes and 20 slides that advanced every 15 seconds? And what if you could do it in the Bagdad Theater in front of a full house?

That’s Ignite Portland.

Ignite was started in Seattle in 2006 by Brady Forrest and Bre Pettis. Since then hundreds, if not thousands, of 5-minute talks have been given across the world. There are thriving Ignite communities in Seattle, Portland, Paris, and NYC.

On “Ignite Night,” Andrew lined up at the side of the stage at the Bagdad with the 16 other people who’s proposals had been chosen, and he delivered his do-over of his 1989 commencement speech for his high school in Anchorage, Alaska. It was hysterical, and right then and there I thought, I have to submit a proposal next time. I want to do this!

Andrew and I went out after the show and had a bite to eat. I said, “Andrew, I really want to do this. What topic do I know a lot about that would be entertaining?” Without missing a beat he said, “Dating.”

“Oh my gosh!” I said, “You’re right! I’m a Dating Ninja!” And my proposal idea was born.

This past weekend I got notification that I am one of the 20 proposals they selected to present at Ignite Portland 7 on November 19, at the Bagdad Theater in Portland!

And what’s the name of my proposal? Confessions of a Dating Ninja of course.

When: November 19,2009

Where: Bagdad Theater Portland

Cost: FREE

Time: Doors open at 5:30. Show starts promptly at 7pm.

The event is FREE, but you have to line up early if you want to get a seat. It packs out every time. If you can’t attend in person, don’t worry, all of the presentations are posted online afterwards.

You can see the speaker lineup, and all of the proposals here:

You can see all of the videos from Ignite Portland 6 (including Andrew’s commencement speech) here:

I have included my proposal below as well. You can follow me that night on Twitter at #DatingNinja. Hope to see you at Ignite 7!

Confessions of a Dating Ninja

Kelly Jo Horton

Kelly Jo Horton lives the life of a software and database geek by day, and the creative life of an actress, writer and improv comedienne at ComedySportz by night. She has traveled to 36 countries, and still finds the Pacific Northwest to be one of her favorite places on earth. Kelly has been an avid runner for the past 25 years, with half marathons being her favorite distance.

Kelly is the former writer, host and co-producer of TVC-TV’s political talk show “To the Point!” She is also known for appearing in various ads on the Web page as “Mrs. Miller,” the woman who loves to do laundry. She holds a degree in journalism from San Diego State University, and an M.A. in Dating Ninja Skills from the School of Hard Knocks.

According to Japanese legend, a ninja is the ultimate warrior, skilled in maneuvers such as espionage, scouting, and the art of stealth — all useful skills when navigating the underworld of online dating. But when I created my first online dating profile in 2002, I possessed none of these skills. I was the antithesis of the Dating Ninja — a rank amateur.

I have spent the last seven years building my ninja skills on,, eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, Craigslist, It’s Just Lunch, Fitness Singles, Speed Dating, Hot or Not and more. Yes, I’ve tried them all, and in the process have amassed the skills necessary to become a true warrior — a Dating Ninja.

The blind date who meets you for lunch looks like he just walked off a golf course at a retirement community in Florida. What should a Dating Ninja do?

His online profile has no photo and says he’s “separated.” What would a Dating Ninja do?

Allow me to share with you my “Confessions of a Dating Ninja,” the time-honored secrets of transforming yourself from rank amateur to a Dating Ninja in five minutes or less.

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Twilight: Truth and Rumors

The film industry is abuzz this morning since I posted the latest scoop on Breaking Dawn, the fourth movie slated to be filmed in the Twilight Saga. Will it shoot in Vancouver, B.C. or in Portland? You can see the full story in my weekly column on The Portlander:

Scene in Portland

The column is starting to get picked up all over the place!

Accidental Sexiness

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My History of Blogging

My History of Blogging

1976 Snail Mail

My friend Kevin moved away and we wrote funny letters to each other constantly. This was my first attempt at “blogging.” Readership: 1.

1978-1978 Letters from Finland

In August of 1978 I left home to spend a year in Finland. There was no email or Internet back then, so again, I relied on my snail mail connection to my friends back home, and my new found exchange student friends all over Finland. I received over 500 letters during my stay, and I probably wrote 600. Readership: 25 family and friends

1986 to 1994 The Desktop Publishing Years

In 1986 I went to work for a company called Frame Technology. Their main product was a desktop publishing tool called FrameMaker. It was the first WYSIWYG desktop publishing tool I had ever used. It could do column layout, rotated headings (if you knew PostScript), and could import graphics! I was in heaven. I immediately started using the product to create my own newsletter and send it out to family and friends. Readership: 45 family and friends.

1994 I See the Light

In 1994 my friend Chuck sent me a link to a website called “Alex the Girl.” I clicked on the link and found a very simple website where a woman named Alex would post her photographs and her musings about life.

“Chuck,” I said. “This is what I’ve been looking for! This is what I want. How do I make a website like this?”

At the time there were no websites like Blogger, MySpace, or anything of the sort. If you wanted to blog you had to create your own website from scratch. I didn’t have the expertise to create my own “Kelly the Girl” website, so I continued to send my family and friends quarterly newsletters through the snail mail.

2003 Blogging Goes Mainstream

In 2003 a friend of mine sent me a Beta invitation to one of the first blogging websites called Yahoo! 360°. It was kind of crude, and didn’t have many users, but I started posting anyway. My first blogs were posted from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Readership: Probably 15 people

2005 Kelly Discovers MySpace

In 2005 my friend Brandon told me about this cool new website called MySpace. He was using it to promote his films and music, and said I should create a page so I could network too. I created my first blog on MySpace on August 1, 2005. It was entitled “Sunday filming.” Readership: 0. My second blog was called “Asses and Crotches,” and was posted on August 2, 2005. Readership: 1 (a guy named JL).

My readership did not really take off until six months later when Margie Boulé, a columnist for the Oregonian, published a story about my blog.

MySpace was the perfect platform for me. There were about 20 million users when I started, and has now flattened out at about 125 million users. That’s a lot of bloggers and blog readers! But with growth come growing pains, and MySpace has certainly had them.

Stay tuned for my “Dear MySpace” letter…

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Welcome to A Muse View

Welcome to my world. Fasten your seat belts and open your minds, and come with me on the wild adventure I call living.

It’s A Muse View.