About Kelly Jo

Kelly Jo Horton

Living a life less ordinary.

I believe we are all living on borrowed time, and I consciously try to fully experience every minute of every day, both the good times and bad.

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    Greg Secrist - September 7, 2016

    Kelly Jo, I just stumbled across your blog by accident. Boy am I glad I did! 🙂 You’ve put a smile on my face today from laughing and grinning so hard. Thank You! I connected wth you right away when I started reading about your background. I too worked for Sun Microsystems and became a geek along the way. I was wondering …. what was McNeely like back in 1985 when Sun was small and just starting out? I knew him briefly later in life, mostly from time spent together when he was in front of our customers at the Exec Briefing Center. BTW … I managed to dig my old Sun badge out as well! I guess I should post it somewhere so that Google can index it and then some other old Sun employee will find me the same way. Thanks! Greg

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