Best Buy Day-2: Behind the Scenes

Yesterday was Day-1 of my fantastic adventure on the Best Buy photo shoot. This is far and away the coolest print ad shoot I’ve ever been on. The “set” is a beautiful house on some acreage not far from where I live. Production has rented the house from the occupants for the entire length of the shoot. They also shot the commercial portion there a few weeks back.

When production rents a house they basically have carte blanche to change things as long as they change them back. So far, they have put down temporary flooring in the laundry room, because they needed to change the look. They painted one of the bedrooms upstairs (it was lavender, it’s now yellow). They have changed out furniture, and re-hung art. The house is full of wardrobe racks, talent and crew. If I were the owner I’d want to be totally out of town. Don’t show me my house until you’ve put it back the way it was!

I love my stylist Casey Boyd ( The woman knows how to shop! I have an entire rack of great outfits and accessories for the week. Kudos to her assistant Faith as well, who has a way with safety pins.

These are my clothes for the week.

The makeup artist and hair stylist on the shoot is Nicola Corl, who actually used to be my hairdresser! She knows me and my hair very well, and she is one of the best in the business. She has done hair and makeup for photo shoots all over the world, and I am so lucky to have her helping me look great this week.

Here’s a view from the makeup area to the wardrobe racks.

The photographer is Andy Batt ( We actually shot some funny stuff yesterday just for his own portfolio. He gave me a giant pair of scissors and a men’s baseball shirt, and did some angry housewife shots in the laundry room. My motivation: I just found lipstick on the collar of my husband’s shirt! Can’t wait to see those pictures!

We’re shooting against a white screen in a studio on Friday. I think it’s for those in-store cardboard cutouts. I just can’t even imagine walking into a Best Buy store and seeing myself as a cardboard cutout. How weird would that be!

More later… gotta get ready for Day-2.



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