Cheers and Jeers for May 29, 2009

This blog was originally posted on MySpace on May 29, 2009

This blog will start out small, because I have to get ready for work, but will grow throughout the day when I have more time.

Cheers: tp Kaili at Arthouse for signing me yesterday. Athouse is the premiere talent agency for commercials and film in Portland! I’m so excited.

Cheers: to Option Model Management (OMM) for signing me to their modeiling agency yesterday. I am also very excited to work with them. They have requested my hair be darker, so those of you who liked my hair darker are getting your wish!

Cheers: to the judges at the Oregonian who have chosen one of my captions for he finals in the latest Jack Ohman cartoon caption contest. I was tied with the front runner when I went to sleep and woke up 17 votes behind! Final tally was 99 to 139 I think. My competition posted 40 votes in the last few minutes. Hmmm. I’m thinking some software was involved.

Jeers: to the person who won the caption contest, only because he spelled amendment wrong! And, check out the note from the editors of the Oregonian (below). I guess they noticed the fact the guy posted 40 votes in the last 30 minutes. So, nobody won the cartoon.

“The voting for Contest 34 was unusually heavy and had some spikes in
the tally that had us wondering if there may have been some
Chicago-style shenanigans going on ( vote early and vote often), the”
vote often” part in particular. This contest should be fun so let’s
keep it light, entertaining and fair. Thanks.”

So busted!

Jeers: to my ex husband who called and berated me for 20 minutes this morning and accused me of being an absent parent. As my friends know this is complete and utter BS.

Cheers: to my friend Jack Ohman who just got back from Washington, D.C., where he was hanging out with Ethel Kennedy and accepting the RFK Journalism Award for cartooning.

Cheers: to my kids and their friends who made roller skating at Oaks Park so much fun yesterday!



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