Cheers and Jeers: Time Magazine, MIPO, FLDS, and more…

Cheers to my friend Jim for letting me crash a birthday party at his house on Saturday afternoon. The champagne, wine, barbecued chicken, the company, and the cupcakes from Saint Cupcake were all divine.

Jeers to the grass seed that’s making me miserable right now. Cheers to the Canadian pharmacy that sells me 90 tabs of Zyrtec for $19.95 when the pharmacies here want $24.95 for 30 tabs.

Cheers to my running buddies Janet, Jean, Pamela, and Debbie for running the Hippie Chick Half Marathon with me on Saturday morning.

Cheers to Jean for passing on her iPod to me when she finished the quarter marathon. I discovered at the start of the race that my iPod was totally wiped clean. No music for the first seven miles! Ugh!

Jeers to the Hippie Chick race organizers who thought that serving Cinnabon cinnamon rolls at the end of the race was a good idea. WTF? In the same booth as Jamba Juice!!!

Cheers to my friend Steve for coming over and cooking a fabulous curry last night. Cheers to Leslie for bringing dessert. Good friends. Good times.

Jeers to the old geezers at the FLDS’s Yearning For Zion Ranch in Eldorado, Texas, who think it’s their God given right to force underage underage girls to marry them.

Jeers to Time Magazine for publishing this cover before some of us even have a chance to vote. Way to make people feel like they have a voice.

Cheers to MIPO (Micro-enterprise Inventors Program of Oregon) for helping minorities and women (me) start businesses. You guys/gals rock!

Any Cheers or Jeers you’d like to add? I’ll be adding more later.



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