End of Year Wrap Up: Cheers and Jeers

Originally posted on MySpace on January 2, 2009

Cheers and Jeers for 2008

Cheers: to America for NOT falling for under the Palin spell, and seeing right through the fancy clothes and folksy drivel. I’m more qualified for Vice President than she is.

Jeers: to Senator John McCain for actually proposing a $5000 tax credit to help us all pay our insurance. I’m sorry, sphincter says what? How will a tax credit help me pay my monthly premium and my $1500 deductible? And, you are assuming we can all get insurance. I have a whole blog coming on this subject. Grrrr.

Jeers: to Rod Blagojevitch for trying to sell Barack’s senate seat, and denying it. Never mind the 45 days of tapes from the wiretapping. Is that hair for real?

Cheers: to my lawyer in L.A. who successfully won my unlawful detainer case, and kicked out my renter who hadn’t paid a dime for almost a year. Carolyn, you rock!

Cheers: to my real estate agent Sharon who has worked tirelessly since last March trying to negotiate a short sale with Countrywide.

Jeers: to Countrywide for making it so painful for me to try to sell my house in L.A. I have brought you guys 10 short-sale offers since March and you have rejected all of them. Do you really think you’ll get more money elsewhere? Have you not noticed the housing market is in the toilet? Let’s hope the 11th offer (on the table now) is the charm.

Cheers: to my friend Janet for mapping out all of the training runs for the Carlsbad Marathon, and motivating me to get my butt out of bed at 6am every Saturday to do the long runs. The marathon is January 25th, and we are ready to kick ass!

Cheers: to all of the companies who hired me last year to write for them. You guys kept my heat and my lights on. Thank you.

Cheers: to the Best Buy people for hiring me to be Mrs. Miller last year. Best print job I’ve ever had.

Cheers: to all of my blog readers (especially those of you who have been subscribers since the beginning). I love the banter in the comments. You make my day.



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