Harried Mom Coming Soon to Bus Stops and Billboards Near You

Originally posted on MySpace on February 6, 2009.

I recently booked a print ad for an organization called NARAL (Pro-Choice America), and I donated my time this afternoon to shoot for them. The ad campaign is for the Plan B (morning after) birth control pill. My role: Harried mom with two kids, who is hoping she is not pregnant yet AGAIN.

Production called me over the weekend to talk to me about wardrobe, call times, etc. The stylist (Paola) says, “You’re a mom, so bring mom clothes.” In my brain I’m thinking, oh please let me not be stuck in a pair of khakis and a baby blue sweater set in this ad.

“Paola,” I said. “Can I be a cool mom? Do I have to wear khakis and a sweater set?”

“Of course you’re a cool mom!” she said. Music to my ears.

So I showed up today wearing my True Religion jeans, a bling bling belt, and some layered shirts I got from another shoot. And I wore high heels! Shush, you did not! All moms wear ugly flats don’t they? Not this mom.

The first words out of Paola’s mouth were, “Love the jeans. Love the little tank and the belt. Lets change the sweater.” Sweet!

She actually put eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara on me, and a real shade of lipstick, and my hair was NOT in a ponytail. Wow. A mom who actually looked put together.

All shots were side profile, so I had to suck my stomach in flat for two hours straight (not an easy feat after having had three children!). I saw the ad concept, and I think it’s pretty cool. There will be words that form an outline of a pregnant belly on me, and the words will say, “Is now really a good time?” or something like that.

My job today: suck my stomach in and give a look like, oh please I hope I’m not pregnant again.

The ads will be on buses, bus stops, billboards, and various other spots around the Northwest. I don’t think it’s a national campaign. I should have pictures in a couple of weeks, and will post them when I get them.

Oh, and one more piece of good news… my agent called the minute I walked in the door tonight and said, “T-Mobile wants you for a print ad on Tuesday. Are you available?” Uh, yeah. Of course I’m available! T-Mobile! Are you kidding YES!



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