Murphy’s Law Pays Me a Visit, Over and Over and…

Murphy’s Law states that if anything can go wrong it will. Now I’m not saying that everything went wrong in the past week, but I’m saying that Murphy was certainly following me around for a while!

Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday it was pretty hot here in Portland, especially for this time of year. It was upwards of 95 all three days, and I was loving it until…

My automatic sprinkler system quit. I knew the heat was coming, so I asked my gardener (way ahead of time) to come open the valves, flip the switches, and whatever else it is he does. He sent one of his guys to do it, but he didn’t test it before he left. When the heat came I was out front watering with buckets because the sprinklers wouldn’t come on!

My sprinklers finally got fixed on Monday (clogged valves and leaks), just in time for the rain! I woke up Tuesday morning, looked out my bedroom window at the rain, and noticed my sprinklers were on. Great timing.

Saturday was my daughter’s 10th birthday party. I was at the Oaks Park roller rink with 12 kids, in 95-degree heat, and no air conditioning. We skated in that sweat box for three hours. Every time you stopped you just started dripping, so everyone just kept going until it was time to leave. (Oh, and I ran seven miles earlier in the day, because I didn’t realize I’d be skating in a sauna all afternoon! DOH!)

Oh, I discovered last Saturday (AFTER we got back from roller skating in the 95-degree heat) that my ice maker was not making ice. Of course I discovered this right before dinner when I had five tired sweaty little girls begging me for ice water. I tried the usual technique of chipping away little bits of ice that had built up on the tray, but no luck. My friend Leslie ended up bringing over a bag of ice that night.

I finally unclogged the ice maker (with the heat from a hair dryer) on Sunday, when it was a mere 60 degrees.

Let’s see, what else…

I had a really big audition today, and when I say big I mean big name product and a $5000 pay day. I ventured out at lunch to grab a salad and it started raining. Of course I was no where near an awning at the time, so my lovely curls lost their will to live by the time I got back to the office, and I went to my audition this afternoon with flat hair. C’est la vie.

But the good news is the company I work for moved into these bitchin’ new digs downtown. We’re in this old refurbished building, hardwood floors, high ceilings, red brick walls, lots of windows and skylights. It’s like working in a cool loft somewhere. I love it! I feel like I’m working in some über cool ad agency in New York or something.

My cubicle in the foreground

The view from my cubicle (that’s the CEO’s cubicle in the foreground but he’s always traveling)

The grafitti I look at when I’m sitting in my cubicle (There was a company that made basketball shoes in this space before us). the cool wall art is everywhere.

Did Murphy visit you this week?

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