I am Told my Picture is Plastered All Over Town

So, my friend Debbie calls me up and says, “Your picture is in the Lake Oswego Review .” Anyone who has ever seen the Lake Oswego Review knows this can be a very bad thing. There’s a little section we refer to as the “Police Blotter.” Don’t ever get caught doing anything in Lake Oswego, because you WILL be publicly humiliated in that section of the paper.

I actually wondered what I had done that would get me in the blotter! Gasp!

Then Debbie said, “There’s a picture of you and my mom in the Relay for Life advertisement.”

Okay, that’s interesting, because I don’t remember a professional photographer taking my picture last year, but okay.

Then she calls me the next day and says, “You’re on the wall at Starbucks and Jamba Juice.”

The posters are everywhere.

I had not planned to do the Relay for Life (American Cancer Society) this year, because it was just too emotional for me last year. My friends, my family, and you all (my blog readers) donated enough money to my fund raising efforts to make me the 1 fund raiser on my team, and I think the 3 fund raiser in Lake Oswego.

I have been told that it would be really bad form if I didn’t show up this year since my face is on the poster! I had planned on coming by and bringing people coffee in the morning (it’s a 24-hour event), but I hadn’t planned on trying to raise money or walk the Survivor Lap.

However, I have now registered to walk the Survivor Lap, and I do have a page on the website: http://main.acsevents.org/goto/kjhorton

Donate if you like. Come walk a lap with me if you like. It’s a good cause.

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