So, I Was Rafting Down the Truckee River…

I spent the past week at my family cabin in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe. The kids and I spent the first half of the week with my two sisters and my niece, and the second half of the week with a friend and her two kids.

One activity I haven’t done in many years is go “rafting” down the Truckee river. I use the term rafting loosely because it’s less like rafting and more like a slow float down a river with 50 of your drunken friends. I went once with my sisters early in the week, and then again with my friend and her two kids at the end of the week.

We arrived at the Truckee River Rafting check-in in Tahoe City at 2:15pm with a carload of people ready to raft the might Truckee River. We pulled into the parking lot and greeted the parking attendant who looked at me and said, “Weren’t you just here the other day,” to which I answered, “Yes, and I brought a new group with me this time.”

I sat there perplexed wondering why the guy remembered me. Was I obnoxious last time? Did I have toilet paper stuck to my shoe? Why would the guy remember me out of the hundreds of people that come through that parking lot every day?

We parked the car, grabbed some life vests and piled into the boat to drift down the river.

About halfway through the float a group of 20-something rafters came up alongside our boat and started a conversation. One of the drunken shirtless men in the boat looked at me and asked, “Are you Annika Sorenstam?”

For those of you who don’t know, Annika Sorenstam is a very well-known professional golfer. I knew who she was, but I had no idea how much I actually look like her.

Is this uncanny or what!?

I wore that Titleist hat on both rafting trips. I wore no makeup, which made me look even more like Annika.

When I told my sister Tracy, a big golf fan, what happened, she said, “They obviously aren’t big golf fans, because if they were they’d know that Annika is sponsored by Callaway not Titleist.”

So, now I know why the guys at the rafting drop off remembered me. They thought I was Annika Sorenstam!

Note: Annika actually has a place in Tahoe. I am also now the proud owner of a Callaway visor thanks to my friend Janet.

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