My Anthropologie Pajama Pants are The Devil!

Anthrolpologie: an over-priced women’s clothing store with really cute clothes.

My Anthropologie pajama pants are the devil. It’s true. Here’s a picture of said pants off the Anthropologie website.

Picture those in baby blue and white striped seersucker. Them’s my pajama pants.

How could such an innocent pair of pajama pants be the devil, you ask? Well, they’ve nearly killed me on more than one occasion!

The first time: I was walking across my bedroom and my big toe caught in the big bell of the leg. You know that feeling when you have that forward momentum going and then one foot gets caught in something? Yeah, that’s it. My feet stayed planted and the rest of my body continued.

My toe released from the pant leg just in time to send my calf scraping along the sharp edge of my nightstand. I had a very deep bruise about a mile long (okay, it was probably just the length of my calf) for a month, and it was sore for four months. Go rent the movie Feast of Love if you want to see it. I was wearing a dress in the garden party scene and I’m sure you can see the bruise.

The second time: I was carrying my laptop up the stairs, with mouse, cables and coffee balanced precariously on the keyboard (I know, dumb move). The familiar step, then the next step, then, oops. WTF? Laptop went flying to the ground, but I saved the coffee!

There were many other occasions where the pants played tricks on me, and in fact just yesterday I was carrying a cup of coffee up the stairs when I found myself flying forward with coffee pitching onto my lovely beige carpet.

So, I have to wonder about the cost of wearing these pants.

Fact: They cost $80 (I told you it was an overpriced store)

Fact: They were given to me by an ex boyfriend (do you think he knew they were the devil?)

Fact: I need to hire a carpet cleaner for $150 (I’ve spilled coffee in multiple places because of those pants)

Should I retire the pajama pants? What do you think?

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