Cheers and Jeers for April 26, 2009

Originally published on MySpace on April 26, 2009

Cheers: to Jeff M. of for giving me the VIP pass to the Widmer Brothers 25th Anniversary party.

Cheers: to Jeff E. for being my date to the Widmer party, and being a
good sport when it turned out to be like a giant frat party.

Cheers: to Jeff E. for taking me to a Blazers game!

Cheers: to Chris “Birdman” Anderson of the Denver Nuggets, who stopped to talk to me in downtown Portland.


to Anne J. for helping me set up for the Wine and Chocolate party on Saturday.

Cheers: to Karen M. for staying late and helping me clean up after the Wine and Chocolate party.

Jeers: to the people who said they were coming to the Wine and Chocolate party but then didn’t show up.

Cheers: to Andrew B. for taking me to Coffee Time for hot chocolate
before the Comedy Sportz workshop last week. I will forever refer to that place
as Crazy Time, because of the strange people hanging out there.

Jeers: to the Swine Flu. Please don’t come to Oregon!

Jeers: to the cancer that recently took the life of KINK’s Les Sarnoff.

Cheers: to Michael for taking me to the KINK benefit concert at the
Aladdin last week. Paulo Nutini, Serena Ryder, and one other band.
Great evening of music.

Jeers: to the guy two rows in front of me at the Paulo Nutini concert
who was holding up his BlackBerry and checking email at eye level.
Might as well have had a flashlight shining in my eyes. The guy in
front of me finally said something.

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