Relay for Life: I’m Blogging for Dollars!

I’m blogging for dollars. See below.

Some of you expressed interest in joining me for part of the Relay for Life. I will not be there the full 24 hours, because my kids and I will be sleeping at home this year. I made an executive decision NOT to haul camping gear down to the football field by myself this year.

I will definitely be there for the opening ceremonies and the Survivor Lap. My kids and I will also be making Luminaria bags to honor the people we know who are survivors, and the ones who didn’t make it. We will be there in the evening for sure, and bringing coffee and snacks to campers in the morning.

This is a Luminaria bag.

They are paper bags (decorated by anyone who is honoring someone) with sand in the bottom, and votive candle. You can use patterned hole punches to make designs to let the candle light through. They line the entire track with them and spell “Heal” or something in the bleachers with them. When they are all lit at night it is an incredible sight. I suggest you come late at night to see it and take a few laps around the track. The candles stay lit all night.

Bring cash! There will be people there trying to raise money by giving foot rubs, neck rubs, wheelchair rides (last year), selling candy, etc.

I would love to see you there. I will gladly give anyone who is interested my email address so we can connect there. Maybe we can do a MySpace Friends lap at a certain time.

If you can’t be there in person, please donate to the cause:

If you make a donation of $10 or more I will write a blog for you on the subject of your choice! Just request your blog in the comments section of this blog. I will write the blogs in the order I receive the comments, posting one each day until I get to everyone. Give me a topic or just ask a question.

Lake Oswego High School
Saturday, July 12th

8:00am: Campsite set-up begins, teams will be assigned specific times to come.

9:30am: Survivor tent opens

9:45am: Campsites are complete

10:00am: Opening ceremonies

10:00am: Luminaria tent opens

10:15am: Survivor lap/caregiver lap

10:15am: Campsite judging

11:00am: Silent auction begins- Credit cards are accepted

12:00pm: Live auction begins

1:30-3:00pm Silent auction tables close

5:00pm: Lions Club BBQ Dinner for $5.00 (Cash Only)

9:45pm: Luminaria Ceremony Begins

11:00-12:00pm: Late night pizza and ice cream

Saturday, July 13th

7:00am: Bodyyoga Class

8:00am: Boot Camp with Shannon

9:30am: Closing Ceremony and Tribute Balloon Release

10:00am: Clean-up and Pack-up

I am Told my Picture is Plastered All Over Town

So, my friend Debbie calls me up and says, “Your picture is in the Lake Oswego Review .” Anyone who has ever seen the Lake Oswego Review knows this can be a very bad thing. There’s a little section we refer to as the “Police Blotter.” Don’t ever get caught doing anything in Lake Oswego, because you WILL be publicly humiliated in that section of the paper.

I actually wondered what I had done that would get me in the blotter! Gasp!

Then Debbie said, “There’s a picture of you and my mom in the Relay for Life advertisement.”

Okay, that’s interesting, because I don’t remember a professional photographer taking my picture last year, but okay.

Then she calls me the next day and says, “You’re on the wall at Starbucks and Jamba Juice.”

The posters are everywhere.

I had not planned to do the Relay for Life (American Cancer Society) this year, because it was just too emotional for me last year. My friends, my family, and you all (my blog readers) donated enough money to my fund raising efforts to make me the 1 fund raiser on my team, and I think the 3 fund raiser in Lake Oswego.

I have been told that it would be really bad form if I didn’t show up this year since my face is on the poster! I had planned on coming by and bringing people coffee in the morning (it’s a 24-hour event), but I hadn’t planned on trying to raise money or walk the Survivor Lap.

However, I have now registered to walk the Survivor Lap, and I do have a page on the website:

Donate if you like. Come walk a lap with me if you like. It’s a good cause.

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