Cheers and Jeers for June 11, 2009

Originally published on MySpace on June 11, 2009

Jeers: to the weather system over the Northeast United States that kept all Northbound air traffic grounded for hours on June 3.

Cheers: to SAS for handing out chocolate and free drinks while we were grounded on the tarmac for three hours.
Cheers: to my luggage for taking a detour to Barcelona (lucky luggage).

Jeers: to SAS for not knowing where the heck my luggage was when it didn’t show up in Turku, Finland with me.

Jeers: to SAS for telling me I had to be at the Turku airport an hour and a half before my flight time, when the ticket counter didn’t even open until an hour before the flight.

Cheers: to my friend Nina in Finland who owns a bakery/cafe called Bakels, and
let me bake cakes, decorate cakes and cookies, and taste everything
when I was there.
Cheers: to my son Ashton for graduating from high school this week. Off to college in September.

Jeers: to this Portland “summer.” Gray skies and drizzle. Good times.

Jeers: to Pine Street Mexican Restaurant for the bait and switch. They do
indeed have $1 tacos as the sign in the window says, however, they are
on tortillas half the size of a yamika. And if you want rice and beans
it will cost you an extra $8. The tacos were tiny but good.

Cheers: to my employer that provides me with a cool career and a
paycheck. I love my job, and I’m grateful to have a job right now.

Jeers: to Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen for having no real food in the
international terminal I was stuck in on my layover. Their idea of a
restaurant was a 7 Eleven food mart.

Cheers: to Chicago O’Hare, which has every kind of food imaginable.

Jeers: to this jet lag!

Stories and photos coming…

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