The Palin Whitehouse, an Interactive Game

Originally published on MySpace on October 23, 2008.

Dear Readers,

The Muse has been burning the candle at both ends lately, but hasn’t forgotten you. I have a TV show to tape today, and a Sex and the City birthday soiree to host at my house this evening.

I have it on good authority that the video blog of the Lenka concert and chat will be ready to post this evening. I may also have a blog about the Whigs and Kooks concert at the Crystal Ballroom last night.

In the mean time, here’s a little interactive Sarah Palin game for you. Just click on the screenshot or the link below and you’ll be transported to the Palin Whitehouse. Enjoy!

The Palin Whitehouse

Cheers and Jeers for October 4, 2008

Originally published on MySpace on October 4, 2008.

Cheers: to Mars for coming out with the “Rockin’ Nut Road” Snickers candy bar. Their description on the bag: Almonds, caramel, and marshmallow-flavored nougat wrapped in dark chocolate. Yeah that’s what I’m talking about!

Cheers: to Lenka, a musical artist from Australia whose street team sent me an autographed poster just for playing her song “The Show” on my profile. Very cool.

Jeers: to the slugs in my garden who have ruined half of my heirloom tomato crop, and fully eaten two of my pumpkins!

Cheers: to Cabana Boy who took me to the Allison Krauss and Robert Plant concert on Tuesday night. Wow, they were good.

Cheers: to Cabana Boy for taking me to the Dandy Warhols tomorrow (Sunday).

Jeers: to the Karma Police who seem to have me confused with someone else at the moment.

Cheers: to the Cocktails for a Cure people who are offering mini concerts with Delta Goodrem, Sarah Bareilles and Lenka for $5 each!

Jeers: to the companies who make breakfast cereal and keep shrinking the box and raising the price. Do you think we don’t notice???

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