Don’t Drink the Kool Aid, a Photo

Andy Batt just posted some of the “extra special” shots from the Best Buy shoot. This is my favorite. I call it Don’t Drink the Kool Aid. Note: these are for his personal portfolio and have nothing to do with Best Buy.

That will teach you to come to one of my parties! Ha!

You can see the rest of the photos on Andy’s website. Just scroll down to the bottom where it says “Modern Fairy Tale?”

This is what my left foot was doing this morning. Shooting for the
Not Dead Yet movie poster.

Let’s Try that Foot Fetish Blog Again

Originally published on MySpace on November 13, 2008.

A few months ago my left foot had an audition. I got a pedicure, went into my agent’s office, and met a photographer who was looking for the perfect foot for a movie poster for the film “Not Dead Yet.”

There was one other woman there at the same time so I was able to see some of my competition. I actually thought her feet were much more aesthetically pleasing than mine, but she had one problem: a wonky toe on her left foot. The right foot was perfect, but she had one slightly crooked toe on her left foot, and this was a left-foot job.

She didn’t get the job. I did, well, my left foot did.

A few days later I found myself in the photographer’s loft in the Pearl District, with my foot pressed into a real patch of sod (basically a big sheet of real live grass). There was a pot (as in potted plant) of daisies, and the photographer and creative producer picked through the bunch to find the perfect daisy to put between my toes.

I’m not sure when this movie will be released, but when you’re standing in the theater lobby with your friends you can say, “I know that foot.”

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