Cheers and Jeers for July 8, 2010

Cheers: to Showtime for being nominated for a Technical Emmy for their Interactive Sports technology, and Dexter Interactive. I have been technical lead on their Showtime Boxing app for the past 18 months. Woot! You can see a demo of the application here: Showtime Boxing.

Cheers: to all of the Portland food carts downtown for providing me with ample lunchtime choices. My favorite by far is Rick’s Wild Seafood.

Cheers: to summer for finally showing up in Portland.

Cheers: to my friend Veanne who has kept her brilliant sense of humor throughout her battle with breast cancer.

Jeers: to the breast cancer and chemo that is making my friend Veanne feel like crap!

Cheers: to my friend Al in St. Petersburg, Florida for hosting me for a fun weekend in Florida. The Salvador Dali museum was the highlight of my trip.

Jeers: to the people two rows behind me on my red eye flight to Tampa who decided it was a good idea to watch a movie on their laptop without wearing headphones.

Jeers: to Hurricane Alex who made it rain the entire time I was in Florida!

Cheers: to Beth for taking me to see The Wailers at the KINK Live Performance Lounge on Tuesday.

Jeers: to BP for being so greedy.

Cheers: to Eleanor Reese Morse, who, together with her late husband A. Reynolds Morse, founded the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. Mrs. Morse passed away the day before I toured the museum. Fantastic collection of Dali art. I took home a print of my favorite piece Nature Morte Vivanteb (Still Life–Fast Moving).

Cheers: to all of the people who will be walking the Survivor Lap at Relay for Life in Lake Oswego this weekend.

Cheers, Jeers and Bummers for August 26, 2009

Originally published on MySpace on August 26, 2009

on It’s been way too long since I wrote a Cheers and Jeers blog!

Cheers: to Kevin for setting up the amazing Jennifer Batten house party this Friday night. I can’t wait!

Bummer: to the poor guy who drove a brand new Saturn sports car off the end of a car carrier truck this afternoon, and forgot to extend the drive rails off the back! DOH! He realized what he had done when the car hit the ground nose first. This is the car:

Cheers: to DJ Myke for taking the Anonymous Notes challenge and pimping me in his blog.
Jeers: to the City of Portland for raising meter rates AND charging on Sundays.
Jeers: to the City of Portland for eliminating Fareless Square on the downtown bus routes. I know, I know, you can still take Max and the street car in Fareless Square.
Cheers: to the readers of The Portlander for making my Storm Large article the most-read article on the site for the month of August so far.
Cheers: to Rick’s Wild Seafood food cart on 3rd and Ash in downtown Portland. Most awesome seafood chowder, Mahi Mahi tacos, and halibut fish and chips.
Jeers: to Murphy’s Law. I had an audition for four small roles on the TV show Leverage the one week this summer when I was out of town. Really bad timing.
Cheers: to psychic Suzanne Jauchius for giving me an advanced copy of her book, and giving me a great interview for an upcoming article in The Portlander. Stay tuned.
What else? Did I miss anything?

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