To the Point Topics for December 2008

Originally published on MySpace on December 10, 2008.

We’re taping a To the Point TV show today, and these are the topics for today:

Five Blackwater employees, all of them U.S. military veterans, were charged Monday with manslaughter and attempted manslaughter in a case where at least 17 Iraqi civilians were killed. Was it self defense? Were they following orders? Should their superiors be held responsible as well?

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was recently arrested, accused of trying to trade the Senate seat left vacant by US President-elect Barack Obama. Alaska Senator Ted Stevens was recently convicted on seven felony counts. Is corruption becoming politics as usual?

The media is having a feeding frenzy with it’s doom-and-gloom headlines every day. Is all of the negative press actually becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy and creating a deeper recession?

Vestas, the world’s largest windmill maker has announced that it will create 1,200 new jobs in Portland, relocating its North American headquarters and building a new manufacturing plant. Solarworld is turning its Hillsboro factory into the largest solar-wafer and cell factory in the United States and adding 1000 new jobs by 2010. Is the Portland Metro area setting the stage to become a regional leader in global “green-energy” development?

Chime in before noon and I might quote you on the show!

The episode will be posted online in a few days at

Latest Edition of To the Point TV Show: We discuss the bailout and the election

Here’s the special edition of To the Point that we taped last week. Interesting discussions on the bailout and the election.

The production quality is a little off, and I’m not sure why.

This is a 30-minute show, and I know most people don’t have the patience to watch all 30 minutes.


You can also watch here:

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