Totally Random Bits of Rubbish

I have not had time to sit down and write an honest to goodness blog, but I have all of these random bits of information that have been floating around in my head, and I want to share them with you all today.

Victoria‘s Secret is the one place it’s okay to yell from the dressing room, “This one is too small! I need a bigger size!” I did a little shopping there last weekend.

Why is it that when I changed my status to Single on MySpace I started getting ads like this?

WTF? Shouldn’t I be getting ads from or something? Someone in Marketing needs to be fired!

The company I work for just hired a coffee service, and we now have Stumptown coffee in our kitchen! You can’t appreciate the gravity of this unless you live in Portland and/or have had the pleasure of tasting Stumptown’s Holler Mountain Blend.

I bought donuts at Albertson’s this morning, and the chatty checker said, “You know these donuts were 49 cents last summer and now they’re 79 cents. For what? It’s sugar and water and…I don’t even know if I would call that dough.” Yeah, what he said.

It cost me $74 to fill up my gas tank yesterday. Fossil fuel dependency sucks.

The new Indiana Jones movie sucked.

People who park crooked and take up more than one spot in the parking garage suck!

I recently bought my daughter a boring backpack. She asked me to decorate it. Her first request was a dragonfly. I did that with a Sharpie. Not bad!

The Rose Festival Fun Center is probably going to be the people-watching highlight of my week this week. I’m bringing a camera with me on my lunch-hour stroll next week. Carnie blog coming!

Why is it that I can find all of my ugly jeans, but my two favorite pairs are nowhere to be found?

I went wine tasting with my friend Julian last weekend. My favorite was the Macbeth’s Three Witches hard cider. Yes! We found a hard cider tasting room! The pictures are from Bethel Heights.

A man, who shall remain a mystery, brought me some beautiful flowers and took me out to a nice dinner on Tuesday night. :^)

John Breen rocks The Liberators! (an improv comedy group). They are all extremely talented.

The Janet and The Nick joined me for the show.

Random comments please. :^)



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