You Must Go: Weeding My Garden, a Metaphor for Life

This blog was originally posted on MySpace on May 9, 2008. I am re-posting at the request of Chris M. This is also one of my favorites as well.

Weeding My Garden, a Metaphor for Life

I woke up before dawn yesterday and realized I hadn’t yet planted my vegetable garden. Here it is May, and for some reason I hadn’t even started.

I grabbed a cup of coffee and walked out to survey my raised beds as the sun started lighting the morning sky, and realized I hadn’t been paying attention. My main garden bed was overrun with weeds. How did this happen? Where had I been for the last few months? Why didn’t I notice?

Weeds. Everywhere.

I grabbed my gardening gloves and started pulling, grabbing at the root to make sure I could be rid of them forever. At first I pulled at them aggressively, but as I pulled the seeds popped out and tried to replant themselves. I realized that the more angry I was with the weeds, the more they wanted to stay firmly planted in my garden.

I took a breath, slowed down and gently grabbed a weed by the root so as not to disturb the seed pods that would pop at the slightest hint of aggression. One by one I gently removed the weeds, until I came upon what looked like a patch of flowers. I was confused, because I wasn’t sure if they were really flowers or just very clever weeds disguising themselves as flowers.

How could I tell? How could I know for sure that I wasn’t trying to remove flowers when I meant to remove weeds?


I pulled back the flowered vines and noticed how invasive the root system was. A true flower would never do this to my garden.

I said, “I’m sorry to see you go, because you do look like a flower on the outside. But I can see that if I let you stay in my garden you will soon suffocate everything I try to grow, so you must go.”

With that, I gently grabbed at the root and pulled out that last weed, promising myself that I would be more vigilant in the future and never let weeds invade my garden again.

A new start…

© 2008 Kelly Jo Horton
The Muse



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