What Actors and Models Really Say…

Let me let you in a little secret… when actors and models get bored they said the darnedest things to keep the energy up.

I spent an hour yesterday sitting in a hot car with my Best Buy daughter Emma, dressed in a sweater, because it was supposed to be Fall. Never mind that it was 82 degrees outside. We were supposed to be looking at a map because we were lost. I was “confused” and she was “frustrated” because she was going to be late for a slumber party.

Remember, these are still shots, so we can say whatever we want, as long as the facial expressions are correct.

So, after arguing over the map for 30 minutes, I looked at Emma and said, “That’s it. You’re getting a timeout when we get home,” and then the banter went back and forth like this:

Emma: “I’m 12. I don’t get timeouts anymore.”

Me: “Fine, then I’m sending you to military school.”

Emma: “You have a lousy sense of direction. You couldn’t find military school if you tried!”

Me: “Try me missy!”

This went on for a few minutes, while the photographer had a laugh, took some pictures, and then said, “Okay. Can we get back to being cooperative again?”

There was a scene with Dad and me in the laundry room today, and it was supposed to be the morning after a cocktail party we had. We were folding laundry for 75 frames or so, having some nice banter, smiling, etc. Then I looked out the window and said, “Who’s that sleeping on the lawn?” to which he replied, “Your mother. The lush!” and it went on from there. The only person in the laundry room with us was the photographer, but all of production could hear us laughing on the other side of the door.

When we came out to look at the shots on the monitor, there were 100 or so normal frames, and then one last frame of me “loving” my new washer and dryer (see the comment from Nicola on my page). When something gets monotonous, you just have to get silly.

At the very end of the day I was leaning over the counter, face-down in the laundry, and that was the last shot. Just for fun of course. Not for the ads.

This is my Best Buy hubby David Williams.

I was wearing that hoody between scenes because it was cold. Not part of my wardrobe.

Tomorrow morning, call time 8am, cocktail party scene!



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